Saturday, July 14, 2012

{Post 1,008} GFG Ready to Hand Quilt

The quilt top is basted and ready for hand quilting, and I went ahead and made then sewed the binding to the front.  The bright yellow thread is the basting.

I made my daughter a Kindle case.  I shall take pictures later.  I actually made two.  The first one was about 1/2" too narrow.  She requested a pocket on the back for the charger cord.  After I made the too-small one (not too small on purpose) we realized it would not be a good idea to have the charger stored with the Kindle, because it would be easy to crack the screen with a sharp-cornered smaller object being stacked up with it like that.

So when I made the new, larger one (same fabrics), I made a flat pocket for the back for her to put a credit card, license, etc. in if she wanted to.  It turned out very nicely.

I also sewed the vertical seams on these blocks:

Due to my recent I Spy and men's recycled shirt obsessions, I have not sewn with Thimbleberries in quite some time.  This top (above) is the first in a while.  Well, second if you count the apple pie quilt top, which I am happy to say is going to a good home on Monday.



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Leeanne said...

I was hoping you would go with a gold sashing before the border, but didn't want to poke my nose in.....looks great!