Saturday, March 17, 2012

{Post #934} Ivy Be Gone!

Ivy, we need you no more.  At least where the flower beds will be.  

My camera was on its last ounce of juice, so I brought it in to charge.  I took 3 of these pics and Isaac took 1...guess which one he took?

This ivy is the most tenacious stuff.  That can be good and that can be bad.  I want to pull/cut/dig up what will be under my future flower bed (which will be right up against the house).  It is so green, lovely, and verdant.  See how the fat lady in the last picture is rolling it away from her?  Much to her my surprise, it is only rooted in a couple places.  The key is having the strength and dexterity to roll it away from you while ripping out the root without having it throw you back into the front of the house.  I know--I make it sound like a piece of cake.

Better get back to it.

Lord willing, the flower bed construction will begin on Monday and I can plant this little beauty after it grows all big and's a Shasta Daisy seedling.  I only sowed the seed 5 days ago.  This little overachiever is ahead of schedule!

~Joan, hopefully with "after" pictures in no time!!

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Robyn of Robyns Nest said...

Joan just a little hint. If the ivy starts shooting where you've just cleaned up; instead of using poison,boil the kettler & pour the boiling water on the ivy (works with other weeds too) Be really careful if you use it near plants you want to keep. It's also great for paved areas, driveways etc.....