Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Post #932} Bow Tie Center Finished

This AM I finished sewing my bow tie quilt center.  Here are some pictures.  I picked border fabric.  The plaid alternate blocks are dark cream with sage green and eggplant color plaid lines.

I was packaging up my surprise package that was posted today.  Spontaneity overtook me, and I took a self-portrait.  On the cutting edge of technology, I tell you.  Photoshop can only do so much!  ;)

If statistics can be believed, I'm one of only 2% of the world's population with green eyes.  



Leeanne said...

Joan for a busy person you sure get lots of sewing done! I love this setting & the plaid is fab. Nice choice for border & sashing. You a techo whizz kid like me!

Pat S. said...

Oh my goodness! I love this setting! So much in fact that I wish I hadn't seen it because now I want to make one too! lol.

I have a HUGE bin of scraps that I really need to tame and was looking for a couple of projects to cut out at the same time. I vow to NEVER let me scraps get the best of me again! If I ever do get caught up, I'm going to cut them into usable size pieces before they leave the cutting table. Great job on the top. Love the fabric choices for finishing the quilt! ~ Pat