Friday, March 16, 2012

{Post #933} Florabunda Bordered

My Florabunda quilt top has both borders on it.  I did another "Bonnie" and cut enough 6" wide dark florals to frame out the 2" wide lights I used for the inner border.  Mix and match--just use it up!

Now to start a backing tonight.  I want to use up a bunch of the florals.  I am leaning towards alternating light and dark 10" squares.  But me being me, I want to cut up ANY little bits left over so I don't have any little more bits to store.  That means I need another quilt to cut out or at least sizes of pieces so I don't end up putting most of this back on the shelf.  I have lots more lights than darks, so I may just use lights.

It has been fun to use some non-Thimbleberries.  Don't be me wrong--I love them, but a change has been nice.

Here is the quilt folded in half and pinned to my design wall.

Here is what I have left after making the above quilt:

Hopefully after backing it will be a much shorter stack...but I don't really think it will.



Vikram and Tammy Kapoor said...

Hi drop by to see what you are up to. I really like the flora border on this one. Amazing design in the middle too. Thumbs up on this one!!

momtofatdogs said...

Joan! That looks AWESOME!! I hope that you don't plan to give that away? I think it's gorgeous.

On another note, I am sorry if you have recvd eamils form me that were'nt really me...I deleted my whole contact list & re-set my password