Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Post #931} Bow Ties Partly Set

Here is how much I have sewn together of my bow tie top.  I have one more diagonal row put together, and that will be the final row, making the set of blocks 7 x 8.

I am really liking the setting plaid.  I didn't measure the piece before I started, and it turns out that I will have just enough after cutting the corner and side triangles as well as the 6-1/2" alternate blocks.  I think I have 2 of the square blocks left over.  That was cutting it close!  I am going to use a sage green for an inner border and a dark purple for the outer border.  Those are the two colors in the plaid with the dark cream.

In other breaking news, Elisabeth mowed our yard today and cut down the prolific monkey grass around our huge natural areas.  Thanks, Elisabeth!!

Rachel had oral surgery yesterday AM and is doing fantastic!!  Here is a bad pic of some lovely flowers she rec'd as a get-well from our church family:

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momtofatdogs said...

Elizabeth is welcome to come to Nashville anytime she wants to do yard work. We are NEVER at a loss when it comes to yard work. And I love how you're setting your quilt. Very striking. I almost didn't recognize them as bow-ties!