Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Grits are Great!

We're having beef roll ups, grits, and brown gravy for breakfast. Give grits a chance!!

All the schoolwork is up-to-date, and I have a date with my husband tonight. Yippee for both.

Have a great day!



Audrey said...

That sounds like a very unusual breakfast...apart from the fact that I've just been on the phone to a friend in UK who tells me they've put grits on the road to make them safe in the snow!! Obv. not the same grits!!
The only beef roll-ups I know are "Beef Olives".
Photo next time, please!

~Joan said...

I should have photographed the beef roll ups. They are a recipe I made up. I made a batch of biscuit dough, roll it out to a rectangle. Spread with browned ground beef evenly. Sprinkle with seasoned salt. Roll up and cut like cinnamon rolls. Bake for the amount of time the biscuits would cook for, until lightly brown.

My husband requested this several days ago for lunch, but he has been out every day for lunch (that is very unusual). So I decided since he rarely asks for a menu item, to make these for breakfast because he'd be here.

Grits are ground up hard corn. They are cooked in boiling salted water like other breakfast cereals (oatmeal, cream of wheat). They have very little flavor on their own. They are perfect with beef roll-ups and beef gravy!! Everyone was saying how good breakfast was this AM.

Picture next time!


Audrey said...

You didn't say if there was anything more than what we call "mince meat" in the roll-ups. What "glues" them together? I'm going to make them for the 3 grandsons for lunch tomorrow. I'm sure they'll eat them. Oh ??? we may have a trans-prob. I think YOUR biscuits may be OUR scones, and OUR biscuits YOUR cookies!!!! This will be interesting!! :D