Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Top to Quilt

This is a gorgeous quilt top my sister made (a *cough, cough* REALLY long time ago) for her 2nd daughter. It is an Irish Chain with a Star thrown in for more beauty. I am going to load it onto my quilt fram today. I planned to start it yesterday, but realized I was nearly out of the thread I am going to use to quilt it. The colors and workmanship are beautiful. It is a twin-sized quilt.

How many large quilt tops do I have of my own to quilt? TWENTY!! I, myself, would have guessed 5 or 6. Someone has been busy!! I thought I should maybe give some of them away, but I like them all enough to keep. What is a girl to do?




momtofatdogs said...

"What is a girl to do?"

Make More!


JHM said...

Beautiful quilt!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow! I"m loving some of your quilts! The spool quilt blocks finish at 4.5" (so I started with 2 x 5" strips).

Lissa Jane said...

I dont think you can have too many quilts :O))) whats a girl to do?? get busy quilting so she can make some more! LOL


Audrey said...

Yes, it is gorgeous. And your are her BEST sister for quilting it for her. OK, we know, you are her ONLY sister. See, we take note!!