Monday, February 9, 2009

Can I Have a Bag for This??

If you've been reading this for some time, you know we have 8 children. Having 10 people in a room at one time does pose seating challenges. We've been in this house nearly 3 years. Time to make the upstairs hearth useful (translation: into seating space). I ordered this huge piece of foam to make a cushion for the hearth. It's 4" thick, and that brings it up to a regular chair height. That was my DH's idea.

Rachel and I went to pick up the foam (they had to glue 2 piece together because we wanted a piece 87" long). When we were leaving the store where the foam was purchased, Rachel turned to the clerk and asked, "Can I have a bag for this?" I laughed so hard. There is nothing like a good laugh, is there?

Below is the hearth before cushion. I might add that we have only used the fireplace 2-3 times in 3 years. It's just so warm here all the time. We have not one but TWO seldom-used fireplaces. See what I did to the one downstairs.

And here is my model showing where the foam will be placed. I am going to cover it to look like a couch cushion, but that's where it will live.

I am eager to get that project finished.



momtofatdogs said...

THAT, is an excellent idea. I should have done that at the other house. We don'thave a fireplace or a hearth in this house. Honestly? No more than we EVER used it in our house in AL, I don't miss one in TN. that being said. My Prince Charming has a faux fireplace with gas logs in hte plans for the future....

It's going to be beautiful! And your daughter is getting so TALL.

Sam in Middle TN

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

What a good idea! Our fireplace looks just like yours almost and we hardly ever use ours either. We live in Texas, so it doesn't get very cold her. I think we used it about 4 times this winter. A bench would come in handy when we have company.