Saturday, February 14, 2009

6 More Blocks Made

Rachel sneaked up on me and took this picture. I was adding the blocks I had just made to what I already had on the design board. Can you see the ruby earrings my husband surprised me with for Valentine's Day? Of course you can't. Once I knew Rachel was taking my picture, I "posed" for several. Oddly enough, the one she took w/o my knowledge was the best of the bunch. At least my face isn't showing!

We just finished 6 more blocks, which makes 23 total. Only 12 more to go until the center is finished. Each strip makes 3. I just made 2 sets of orange blocks. When I say orange, I'm referring to the pinwheel color. One set is the one to the right of my very gray temple. The other is right above it. These do zip along when someone is pressing for me.

Here's the whole set. I don't want any more blue. That's getting hard to spread out. Another dash of red and green should do it. Stay tuned...

I'm off to start preparing our V-Day supper now. I'm baking homemade dinner rolls in heart-shaped pans (about 12 rolls per pan), Baked Italian Chicken, rotini (I wanted to find some heart-shaped pasta, but I did not), green beans, sweet tea (get it--sweetie?), and for dessert...strawberry crepes. Crepes rolled around cream cheese/confectioner's sugar/whipped topping delight, with sliced strawberries in strawberry syrup, a dash of confectioner's sugar, and garnish of whipped topping on top.


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Suzy said...

These blocks look awesome! What a fun design! :o)