Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I was working on my little Christmas stitchery quilt tonight. Luke wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home from church with him. This evening I was finished with my "work", so I relaxed a little working on this. I have it all quilted, and the binding is sewn on by machine. Perhaps during violin lessons tomorrow I'll get to quilt the rest of the center cream fabric. This has been a neat project. The center fabric is called Sandcastle. It is a fairly thick fabric and has a crosshatch design on it.

I am a particular quilter. I had all the hand quilting finished, but didn't like the way it poofed out in the center where it wasn't quilted at all. Notice in the picture above how nice and flat the top unpinned area in the cream is, and how poofy it is below? Trust me--it's noticeable in person.
I debated about whether to do some machine quilting there, but then I couldn't decide what color thread to use. Then I had an inspiration (picture a light bulb here!). I am doing a tiny hand stitch from the back to tack down the fabric at the intersection of each crosshatch design. The stitches are invisible from the front, but it is "quilted" at even intervals. Here is the back, which is not quite so RED in person!

I had a moment of Christmas quilt panic. I have enjoyed seeing this quilt in the kitchen. But I started wondering, "What quilt is hung there at Christmas?" None of the family could remember. So I got out my roll of Christmas quilts, and there is was...Evergreen Pines. My picture link would not load. Perhaps I'll get a picture later. How could I have forgotten that quilt? Quite easily, I'm afraid.

Good night!


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