Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Decorations, Take 8

This is the shelf over the sideboard in my very RED kitchen. I made the 2 fabric pumpkins. The scarecrow I snagged at a little shop in the town where we used to live. I look forward to seeing him every year.

The wooden bowl on the left was purchased on eBay from a woman who does lovely work. The
RED walls make decorating for fall a challenge in here, but I'm muddling through! Here's a close-up of the bowl...

Thank you to those who have written that you are enjoying the "home tour". I know a lady who used to answer the door saying..."If you came to see me, come on in. If you come to see the house, make an appointment." Amen, sister.



sarah, rsm said...

i must say each take just gets cozier and cozier! i love fall and i love it in your house ~ including the red walls.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Didn't someone recently say red was a neutral! Love the walls. Wonderful pumpkins. Thanks for sharing.

(I haven't seen Joan either, but if I do, I'll ask her to write.)