Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Decorations, Take 4

Ah, there is light at the end of the foyer. There's also an antique table loaded with goodies, a quilted table runner, Fall Frolic (the quilt on the wall), a plastic pumpkin, a couple cloth pumpkins, and a crock brimming with fall goodness. I added a pumpkin-scented candle on the table for some sweet aroma as well as an opened bag of potpourri down inside the crock, out of sight. I've only lit the candle a handful of times, but the smell still permeates the hall/foyer area. It's in a ceramic holder which makes it easy to use from year to year.

Again, this cost next to nothing. I made the wall quilt, runner, and crock quilt. I also made the fabric pumpkins.

I should mention that the walls in our hall, living room, and part of the kitchen are brown...Wendy's Frosty brown. And not on purpose!

My Susanna was going to buy this for her secret prayer sister a couple years ago. I literally begged her to let me buy it (it was the last one at Hobby Lobby). I thought it would be the perfect crowning touch for my decorating table. In case you can't read the small print, it is a prayer. It says...

"Thank you for the food before us.

Thank you for the friends beside us.

Thank you for the love between us."

Isn't that beautiful?

The pumpkin on the right with the gorgeous fall arrangement in it is from a different secret sister from (I think) 3 years ago, my good friend, Diane. I look forward all year to putting it out. Not only is it my favorite fall decoration, but it is a reminder of my sweet friendship.



mjjones said...

Your foyer picture is so how you decorated...just the perfect touches for fall. Love the quilts and how you have it arranged...thanks for sharing.

Mary Jo in Iowa

Donna said...

Your fall decorations are wonderful. It looks so nice and welcoming. I especially love the platter and the pumpkins you made.

MARCIE said...

I am really enjoying your fall decorations! It all looks darling! I really, really love that little quilt hanging above all the cute pumpkins! Happy fall! Such a pretty time of year!