Saturday, April 5, 2008

Seeds of Kindness BooBoo Revealed

I thought I had a computer-for-idiots breakthrough, but the laugh was on me. I finally figured out how to add text over a picture, but evidently blogger does not support the type of file my dinky photo program uses. Alas, just when you would have been astounded by my computer savvy. I had placed an icon over what was formerly the 2 matching fabrics (I replaced the easiest one to get to).

You can either look back at my earlier picture or just imagine. In the picture above, the 4th column from the left, 3rd one down and the last column on the right 5th one down used to be the same fabric. The gold is the new one. Now I can sleep nights again.

I don't have a progress picture for this week. The only progress I made was attaching the unattached row in this picture. Violin and piano lessons were only an hour total yesterday because of some other appointments for the violin teacher, seriously diminishing my available hand-sewing time.


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