Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Camels and Quilts

My oldest daughter helped with children's activities during a 3-day meeting recently in Tennessee. This AM a friend (hi, Sara!) who was also on the trip sent me a photo album to show my daughter. She had told me a lot about the trip, but I sure don't remember any camel comments.

Look at the sign to the right...sure hope this guy (or girl?) can read. Do they come with power steering??

Today is my beloved laundry day. I am about halfway through with it already (yikes). I am so close to having my antique string quilt finished. All the border is quilted, all the sashing, the binding is on and hand-sewn down. All I lack is quilting small sections of a few squares of some of the center blocks. Today might be the day it is finished. I'll probably post something this evening if I finish, wash, and dry it!


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