Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to My House

As you walk up to my front door, you go down a little hill on the sidewalk, then start back up a bit. As your view is drawn from your feet to the steps leading to the front door, this is what you see. Perennial flowers and plants to cheer you. Seeing flowers in bloom lifts my spirits. It is 4:45 PM as I write this, and it's 55 degrees outside.

The hyacinths (middle pot) bloom every year, and they have the most lovely fragrance. The lowest pot holds an African daisy. I don't remember the name of the tiny bluish flowers in the top planter. It is mixed with some ivy that will live through about anything.
While you're standing at the door, waiting for those few seconds for it to be answered, you turn to the right and see this pretty slate. There now, don't you feel welcome? I really like signs that say "welcome". That's how I want people to feel when they come to my house, even before they get inside.
Thank you for stopping by.



Lisa Boyer said...

Thanks for the extensive garden tour of the front steps! Ha! I miss some of those plants I grew up with--they won't grow here. A very nice welcoming front porch!!!

Michelle said...

Very pretty and definitely welcoming! I love the flowers and can't wait until it's warm enough here for flowers. Thanks for sharing!

Marilyn R said...

Ohhhhh you aren't helping my Spring fever at all! *G* Your front steps say welcome to me!

Liberty Star Farm said...

Hmmm....maybe the next time my husband is offered an interview down South we should consider it..just for the warm weather and flowers on the porch in March alone!

Pretty flowers...I'll be back to look at them again and again as we won't have any for another 7 weeks or so.

have a wonderful week!

Marcie said...

Oh that does look nice! And if you find the name of that blue flower, let me know. I need something that can live through anything!