Saturday, March 22, 2008

Seeds of Kindness 3-22

Here is an update for this week on the Seeds of Kindness. It has exactly 100 pieces and measures ONLY 28" square. I'd like to make it over 4 times this big, so I need more pieces of Thimbleberries fabrics 4" x 5". If the spirit moves you, feel free to make a donation! I'd like to make this a charm quilt and keep it for myself.

We're expecting a family of 9 any minute, so I need to put last second touches on the meal. Toodles



Liberty Star Farm said...

I have two more a red and a blue, both new purchases...I don't see them in your piece so I will send them down.

Karen said...

I love your "Glory" quilt, it is so beautiful.

Christ is risen indeed!