Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good Friday Eve

This is the eve of Good Friday. Years ago I was looking for a nice cross to display at Easter time as a reminder of Christ's death on the cross. I couldn't find any amongst the bunnies and eggs that the commercialized world offered. My dad, who does fantastic woodwork, made me the one above. I painted it white. We put it up before Easter with this dogwood spray on it. Good Friday we put a satin black swag, and Sunday morning, we will put the royal purple swag on. I love Easter. The music we sing in choir makes me cry with gratitude for all God has done for us. May your heart be full of love for God and all He has done for you.



Marilyn R said...

Yes, God is good! Happy Easter!

Jeanne said...

Joan, I love the Easter week songs and also sing in my church choir. Tonight we sang Come To The Feast and
Jesus Took The Cup. Wishing you a Blessed Easter.

Sue R said...

It's refreshing *not* to see the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter, Joan!