Thursday, March 27, 2008

Surprise Seeds of Kindness Packet

These beautiful bundles arrived in the mail today. On the left is a bunch (it looks like 25 or more) of the Subtle Solids. On the right are 5" charms from the new Lodge line from Thimbleberries. These are from an e-friend that has purchased many an item from me on eBay. She (Diane) just recently started reading my blog and asked about my Seeds of Kindness quilt. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know her. I think our husbands would miss us if we lived close together. Blogging has opened up a whole new world of e- and b-friends to me. The e-friends are those I met through email. B-friends are ones I met through blogging. Of course, b-friends become e-friends. While shopping for some note cards today, I saw some items I will need to get before my new b-friend, Lisa, visits from Hawaii (everyone has to live somewhere). Sorry the pictures are so small. Luke took them with his PDA camera card. This is as large as I could get them.

So, just let me know when you're coming, Lisa! Maybe I can even sew some of my azalea blooms into a lei for you. Just a few months ago I never would have thought of Lisa when I saw these:

We have napkins in a variety of colors at the top and shirt plates at the bottom (shirts for very small people, I might add).

Speaking of Seeds of Kindness, I have been delinquent in mailing fabric back to MOST of my contributors. I have been so busy that I thought I drove up behind myself on interstate 74 today. I have been nearly living in the car. I have not sewn one stitch today. I have plans though. I hope to get the thank yous & fabric into the mail at the beginning of next week.


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Lisa Boyer said...

Okay, now I've seen everything. Thimbleberries and Hawaiian stuff on the same blog page! I must be contagious. Or maybe we both are...because that Thimbleberries stuff is starting to appeal to me. Do you think they'll ever do a "Thimbleberries Goes Hawaiian" line? Probably not....