Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Weird Thing About Me...

...is that I'm 45 and have never habitually carried a purse. A few years ago my husband's company provided a cell phone for him. He got another for free or very little (I can't remember!) that I carried. I just put it in my pocket when I left the house. Well, it fell out a few times. WH suggested I carry a purse. WHAT?? I've never carried purses.

Here's my solution... This is a Henn Workshop basket (it looks a lot like a Longaberger). I made a liner out of fabric that has quilt names on it. Even put a pretty ruffle at the top that came out over the edge. But it has finally has met its demise. Some of the places on the top had worn holes through the fabric. The purse is in my husband's workshop in the pic. I sanded it down this AM and restained it. I would have been embarrassed to show it before. After it dries, I'll put a coat of matte polyurethane on it to seal it. I am going to make a liner again. I'm planning to cover cardboard with fabric and just set it down in the purse. I wouldn't go to the trouble of making one at all except that small things slip through the woven pieces on the sides. This has a handle that is behind that you can't see. The screwdriver stuck in the right side is keeping the top from sticking to the bottom as it dries.

While I'm glad enough to be finally giving my dear basket the makeover it deserves, the really exciting thing will be revealed in my next post. Here's a hint...it has something to do with a new ironing board.

Seek, and ye shall find!

Tune in at "Keeping You in Stitches" tomorrow. The excitement is so palpable that it can be sliced with a rotary cutter!!



Lissa Jane said...

I hate having a handbag too.. I find everyone likes me carrying a handbag (aka purse) so they can put their stuffs in it.. grr @ dh.. grr @ kids.. grr @ dog even... I can't wait to see whats happening tomorrow


momtofatdogs said...

I carried a Longaberger basket for years. So long that the plastic liner had worn spots INSIDE where the things I carried rubbed holes in it! I retired it about 2 years ago 7 gave it to my sister. She carried it around until the handles fell off!