Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Purse Makeover Complete

I have received so much inspiration and creative jump-starting through the blogs of others. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to blog myself. Above is my retired purse liner. Several asked about it. It took so long to make. I put a ruffle on it that hung down on the outside edge of the purse. I had to cut out openings (and make little ties for them) to go around the handles, hinges, and closure things. That took ages. I regretted to see it go because I really like the fabric. It has names of quilt blocks on it. The top edge was worn nearly through all 4 layers in some places, so it was time to replace it. Or so I thought.

Here's a picture of it in my purse. Ready for the makeover?

I realized that I could re-use most of the liner. I would make it a stand-up and not hang-over liner. How?? Very easily. I sliced off all of the liner below the ruffle and ties. Yick--it was grayed and worn from about 5 years of constant service. The problem was that the liner wouldn't stay up w/o help.

Cardboard to the rescue...I spied a box nearby, cut it to size, punched holes along the sides, and used twist ties to keep it together. I simply placed the cardboard between the two layers of liner and attached regular binding as if it were a quilt. Then I hand sewed a running stitch to hold the 2 layers of liner together so the cardboard wouldn't slip down (or the liner slip UP).

The finished product. Nice, huh? And it only took about an hour of work to revamp the old. Ahhh...I love it when a plan comes together. Ready for another 5 years of service!
Please be generous in sharing your tips and ideas. I love reading them.



Marilyn R said...

You have a great purse makeover there! I'm looking forward to seeing your ironing area make over too! Fun!

Lisa Boyer said...

Very clever, you.