Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snail Mail Treat

I got these goodies from Kairle yesterday. As with Eileen and Ruth's donations, I could hardly wait to cut my apple core piece from them. They are all marked and trimmed and in the "waiting room" for this quilt. I'm not sure how large the quilt will be when it's finished, but it will be a large happy memory for me, and aren't those the best kind of all?

Kairle added the Daffodil Principle book, a packet of fall decor buttons (I love pumpkins), and a beautiful note card along with over 40 pieces of Thimbleberries. Only ONE was a repeat! Incredible!


1 comment:

Lisa Boyer said...

What nice friends you have! I'm sure you deserve them.

Please tell Rachel that her quilt is beautiful! She's doing such a good job!