Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Seeds of Kindness

Another new b-friend, Karen, graciously sent me 42 pieces of Thimbleberries (with only ONE repeat from my previous collection--isn't that amazing?) for my Seeds of Kindness quilt and some extras. She included a recipe for chocolate chip apple cake, the travel-sized Kleenex cover (front right--made from TB, how thoughtful!), and six flower-topped spool/bobbin organizers (and daisies are my favorite flower!). She sells on eBay as "sewmanyways". Back to more commercial-free reading.
I have been overwhelmed with the first 4 contributions towards my Seeds of Kindness quilt. I have cut every single piece from the template. So now all I lack is lots of time. I am slowly making progress on it. Keep in mind that it's all hand-cut and hand-pieced.
Have a great quilty day, and cheer someone up!

1 comment:

Kathie said...

this is so nice, I wish I had some thimble berries to send you too.
glad there are others you can and are sending you fabrics