Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scrappy Stars Quarter

This is approximately one quarter of Rachel's Scrappy Stars quilt. I think it should be called Kitchen Sink, because there's every fabric in there but.

Rachel webbed the top then was tired of sewing. She asked me to finish it. So here's where we are so far. I was eager to see what the border would look like on it, so I put together enough blocks to get a good idea.

I used the same fabric for all the stars to give it a little cohesiveness. Scraps rule!

Got another Seed packet in the mail today. Picture tomorrow. Thanks, Pauline.



Marcie said...

Rachel's quilt is wonderful! I bet she is thrilled! You have received lovely "apple seeds", etc. How exciting!

canquilt said...

The quilt is beautiful. such good wormanship