Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rip It?

Above are more Seeds of Kindness from Paula. I only had ONE of these...isn't that incredible? This is my 3rd batch of over 40 pieces. These are some vintage pieces...I'm not even sure Lynette would remember them, LOL! But they are so pretty.

Paula even sent me a couple I Spy prints as a bonus. She's been reading my blog and knows about our I Spy quilt fetish around here. Thanks, Paula!

The frog fabric on the left inspired my "rip it?" title. Just wanted to make you curious.

~Joan, off for a little hand quilting on my string quilt

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Lisa Boyer said..., fabric, and quilts. I tell you, blogs just don't get any better than that!! The rolls look totally yummy, as do your gorgeous fabrics...