Friday, January 25, 2008

Starting Quilting on Carolina Crossroads

Close, closer, closest! This is my Little Gracie frame. I have a 1930 Singer cast iron commercial darning sewing machine with which to quilt. I'd call it a "medium" arm. It's much longer than a regular domestic machine, but nowhere near a long arm. I paid about $300 for it; I've had the set for a couple years. All I do is meandering and some times add loops, hearts, stars, etc. Because of my sewing machine's foot, I can't do anything fancy. It tends to snag on a thick seam, which requires constant watching by yours truly. It still beats wrestling with a quilt on my domestic machine (which I still do sometimes if I want fancier quilting).

I got this loaded and about 1/5 quilted this AM. Off to violin lessons...perhaps I can add another pass or two tonight.

I didn't think to take a pic of my CC with borders. I did a scrappy cream 1" finished border, then a 5" unfinished of the same black with caramel flecks as my sashing strips. I am very pleased with it. The solid fabric border calms down the busy-ness of the center. I'm quilting with a mildly variegated gold/cream/peachish thread. So far, so good!



Marcie said...

Look at you moving right along on your CC quilt! I can't believe that old singer still going through the paces! It looks so cool!

Lucy said...

Ohh please I would love to see more pictures of this machine and how you,made her into a 'longarm' machine :-)I'm impressed!

Kairle said...

How fun to see your set-up, Joan. You're really on a roll. Can't wait to see this one all finished!