Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Blue Nativity Quilt ~ Better Late Than Never...??

Above is a nativity quilt that I intended to hang in my foyer this year. The bright yellow basting thread is still on it because it's not finished. It is hand quilted with navy blue thread.

I didn't get the embroidered piece at the bottom until several days before Christmas. By that time, all my other decorations were cemented into place. Maybe next year? I did not know that it would take over 2 weeks to embroider one little piece of fabric. This is about 34" x 40".

This quilt is about the beauty of blogging. I have never found an applique method I liked. I read a blog of a woman who loves to applique. She even has a tutorial for this very method on her site. A big bloggy thank you to her at Thee Handworks.

I should make a list of all the *inspirations*, ideas, and insights I've received from reading a handful of favorite blogs. I'm talking about the ones that make me want to be a better person, be more loving, smile at my children more (now the rubber is meeting the road, huh?). They are out there, and I appreciate them.

Just a close-up of the manger area.

And CLOSER still, LOL! Next thing you know, you'll be in the manger. This method (back basting) was so easy and effortless (notice I didn't say fast--I don't want to lie) that I will not be afraid to applique again.

Have a blessed Sunday. I'm off to choir practice in a few.

My DD2's best friend will be staying with us for a week. She often calls me her 2nd mom. I can't hold a candle to her first one, so I'll be happy with that.



Anonymous said...

Very nice applique. I must try this. Where did you get this pattern? I really like it.

Linda Z

Tracy said...

I love it! Where did you get the pattern?

Never too late to celebrate the birth of Christ:)