Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Unit 5 Start

Above is the first step of sewing Unit 5 of the Carolina Crossroads quilt. My accent color is black, so back to cutting I went. My sewing machine faces out a set of French doors. Great for light, horrid for cold. It has been uncharacteristically cold today. It's only 28 degrees now. Frigid for us!!

Some half units ironed. This is from the "foot" of my ironing board (the new cover was a Xmas gift from DD3). In the distance you can see my L-shaped table with my sewing machine to the left and my computer straight ahead. The priority mail boxes are there to block out the light that comes in the window behind the computer. They are not a permanent feature...only between 1-3 PM. Please don't report me to the post office officials.

Today I rec'd a DVD on freehand machine quilting by Dawn Ramirez. What a hoot! I can't wait to try some of her techniques. I think our I Spy baby quilts are the perfect place to practice. I'll be sewing wonky feathers and dwirling in no time.

I heard from an old friend (hi, Cindy) today via belated Xmas newsletter. Seeing her return address just put a smile on my face. So many good memories. Nothing like a good friend, is there?

Have a good night,


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Cindy said...


You old sweet pea! (oops, did I say old?!) You are still quilting up a storm - amazes me! Your work continues to get more and more beautiful. We still get out the Eye spy blanket you gave us 6 years ago.

I definately second your thoughts on teenagers - I wouldn't be able to use anything but my toothbrush (which is not electric) if my oldest didn't help out :) How did I make it before?

Take care,

~who still has her pinto bean candle :)