Friday, December 21, 2007

The Ups and Downs of Life

"Oh--I've been using this gizmo wrong all along!"

Our family has been hosting some friends from out of state for over a week. With that comes special meals, special requests for goodies, snacks, eating out. Need I say more? I've been on a quest to lost weight. Before they arrived, I had lost 15 pounds in about 6 weeks. Well, some of it has come home.

There--I feel better. Got that off my chest. Now I need to get some of it off my thighs, LOL!

Went to another wedding today. This is the second one in less than a week. Definitely an UP moment for the bride and groom. Very different from the first wedding. What is so neat about these two weddings is that they expressed the personalities of the couples so well. We knew the couple of today's wedding so well. Now that it's over, we can definitely say, "That was so ___ & ________!" Fun and unexpected moments.

I had a brief panic attack today. I was surfing the ring for the mystery quilters for Bonnie's Carolina Crossroads (BTW, I love that name--probably because I live in NC). There is a box to the side there if you want to check out some of them.

I thought for a few seconds that I had pieced unit 2 incorrectly. I have never made 9-patches with creams/lights in the corners. I sure didn't remember doing that for this quilt. Must I mention that those fat cells are replacing memory cells? As I quickly looked back through my posts, there was my picture of the perfectly pieced units. Whew! There are 100 of those buggers. I was already planning an alternate quilt. Hate to waste even the smallest pieces of fabric! But much to my relief, I really did follow the instructions. I am so enjoying seeing the variety of colors and fabrics others are using.

I made 2 blocks today with Christmas centers from Thimbleberries' Candy Coated Christmas line from years ago. There is another quilt I want to make with these motif blocks. I got 10 yards on clearance ages ago and have been wanting to try a couple. I plan to use a variety of greens and reds to give it my typical scrappy style. Guess I'll take a picture tomorrow. My family and company are upstairs watching "National Treasure", and I should go make an appearance. Just had to sew for a few minutes tonight.


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