Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snowmen, Cookies & MORE...

My family goes caroling every year to neighbors and sometimes off to friends. Sunday (a non-posting day) was filled with church activities. Monday I personally cooked all day to prepare for a fellowship time after caroling at a nearby nursing home Monday night. I had to add the "personally" because my oldest children usually do most of all of the cooking here for long periods of time. I still vaguely recall how the process works, so I give them time off for good behaviour occasionally! We are caroling again this Saturday. My DH likes us to leave a goodie bag, plate, or box, so we'll be baking up a storm again come Friday. Above is a plate that we gave a neighbor earlier this holiday season.

I'm still working on the Carolina Crossroads quilt from Bonnie. I am all caught up with her current instructions. It amazes me that some folks think they *know* the design (and have for some time). By my calculations, the quilt will end up having 6,400 square inches of area. We have finished approximately 15% (321 three-inch blocks) of said area. There's a lot more coming, quilters! I'm just obediently following along, not even trying to guess where we're going. I live in NC, so I'm already here!!


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Leah S said...

I gave a personal shot at the design... was wrong, but now I want to make the design I came up with! So at least I can thank Bonnie for laying out the foundation for yet another quilt for me to make. Two quilts for one, if you will. ;)