Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Broken Leftover Dishes

This is a close-up of MY quilt like the one in the post from yesterday. My 2nd daughter's best friend wanted to learn how to quilt. The girls made the same quilts, in different colors (FWIW, my daughter was already experienced).

When they sewed a square on a rectangle to make a flying geese unit, I had them double sew the seams so we'd have an extra HST square to play with instead of throwing those away. That resulted in some very small HSTs. I made MY friend (my daughter's friend's mother--got that?) a quilt identical to mine. She wants to learn how to hand quilt so she can also hand quilt hers. We'll do that some time this spring, I'd imagine. When I was photographing this, I noticed an omission. Do you see it??

I didn't finish the hand quilting! In the second block from the right in the top row, I neglected to finish the "x" through the block (the top right fourth of the block). I guess that's my humility block. Should I finish it? I used dark brown thread. There is a cable quilted in the border.

I was having trouble getting a picture of this because my human quilt holders were all busy. So this is not flat. But you get the picture.

These little blocks are called "Broken Dishes", but since I made them from pieces of other quilts, I called my quilt "Broken Leftover Dishes". The girls thought that was cute.

I keep this on my living room wall when a seasonal quilt is not residing there.

Does anyone else like to hand quilt? I'm about 2/3 finished with the hand quilting on my 2007 Christmas quilt. I'd like to see your projects. Drop me a line so I can peek at your blog if you have one. If you don't have one, what are you waiting for??



Janet said...

Your hand quilting is excellent. I have added your blog to my list of blogs I review. I too am kinda new at blogging, my blog is Idaho Quilter. Happy Quilting, Janet

Libby said...

Scrap quilts make for wonderful memories of all that quilts that came before - they are just the best.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before ... YOUR scraps are nothing like MY scraps - probably because MY original fabrics are nothing like YOUR original fabrics!! So you're teaching "Strays" how to quilt? Let me know when the house next to yours comes up for sale!!! (Don't worry - it would hardly be practical to move from South Australia!! So I'd just have a little weep at every thought of it!!) ajb