Monday, November 13, 2017

{1,554} Another New Quilt Underway and Catchup

My blog has been neglected for too long...again.   Here is a project I started this AM. It requires a specialty ruler. I made my own revolving cutting mat to make trimming easier. 

The two left rows are sewn together. The others are just stuck on the design wall. I see a couple that need to be moved. The blocks finish at 5" square.

Years ago a man who did remodeling on our house was moving, and I got this Lazy Susan from his wife. Her mother had made it. I have never, ever used it, although I thought it would be so cute for SOMEthing!! Once the blocks are assembled, one uses this ruler to trim them down. All four sides need to be trimmed, and moving the ruler just took so much time. Hence my innovation. I cut a square off a dying cutting mat for the center. It works splendidly.

The quilt was started as a result of seeing that I had a bunch of watercolor fabric strings that were just taking up space. I had seen a quilt made from this ruler in a quilt show last month and made a note of it. I waffled on buying the ruler because they just cost so much (to me). Finally broke down and started it. I like it.

I am catching up as I look back at my pictures. Next up...grandchildren!

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