Tuesday, December 1, 2015

{Post 1,506} Tumblers Away

Got up to 8 rows in a hurry.  I have lots of these cut out.  I wanted to get to this point because I had a partial section of 4 short rows to add.

The section below is 16" wide by 90" long.  I am, really liking this.  This is 480 tumblers!

The following pictures are ornaments I have for auction on eBay.  My user name is whistlersmother10.  I thought the selvage ones would be especially cute for a quilting friend or a guild meeting.  The back fabrics are plain, so one could personalize them for gift tags or ornaments.

I got so much done today in my stitch den.  I cleared out a whole large drawer, tamed most of my shirts, and nearly got my cutting table cleaned off of things that have been marinating there for some time.  Whew--I feel good.

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