Saturday, November 28, 2015

{Post 1,505} Quilty Update

Here is the back of a customer quilt I have been working on.  It's a white-on-white fabric for the back.  I machine quilted free-motion wonky feathers on it.  

Now that I finally have finished it I can start on a quilt I promised I'd finish by Christmas as a gift.  I will be spending most of today on that.

Here is my current leader/ender a la Bonnie Hunter at  It is the tumbler.  Mine finish at 2" tall.  I am cutting up every scrap I can find, willy nilly.  Funny thing about scrap quilts...the more you add, the more looks right.  A close-up, then a view from the end of my quilt frame.  It is 98" wide.

Four rows strong, and lots of bits and pieces ready to add on:

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