Saturday, October 24, 2015

{Post 1,496} Little Quilts

I felt like yelling, "Pinch me!  This can't be happening!"  Yours truly finally got to visit the Little Quilts quilt shop in Marietta, GA.  My first quilts were from their first book.  I think I made ALL the ones in there.

I spent quite a bit of time there, but I didn't see it all the way I wanted...I was in a hurry to get home, which turned out to be ironic since I thought I'd be home by 5 PM and it turned out to be nearly 10 before I arrived. 

Here is right inside the door...your first glimpse.  Wow--they have packed a lot in that little space!

A fall display:

Bought two kits at this display for the next two years' Christmas ornaments for my children.

The quilts over the window are minis.  Notice the pattens below on the left that are 8-1/2" x 5-1/2".

I bought the booklet that has the two quilts on the rod on the left...the pinwheel in the middle and Lu Lu's blocks next to it.

The landmark for verbal directions in Marietta, GA...the Big Chicken.  His beak constantly opens and closes, and his eyeball rolls around!!

Here is what I purchased at the shop.  If only you could see all the things I left behind but wanted to get!!

I have been wanting the Hunter's Star ruler, and I saw they had it just as I was walking out.  The Little Quilts pattern beside it was $1, and it has 2 quilts I want to make.  "Another Slice" was the one that accompanied the blocks hanging on the rod above.  Then the ornament kits.  

At the register, they had a treadle sewing machine drawer with fat 1/8ths in it for $1 each.  I got two for a blossom for my GFG quilt to commemorate the trip.

Then, last, but not least, 2 charm packs of 30's prints for a future quilt.  Because I don't have enough fabric.  Shhhhhh...

This shop is p-a-c-k-e-d with goodies.  I was so close to buying a stitchery kit and frame, but that would have added another $50 to my bill.  And it wasn't worth THAT much to me!  I should have taken a pic, but I was experiencing sensory overload, and it didn't occur to me.

The trip home was going great until I came up to 3 bad accidents in a row on the last little leg back.  It easily added 1-1/2 hours to the travel time, but I did arrive home safely.  I was just glad I wasn't IN one of the accidents.  

Typing the above statement made me think of this picture I snapped going through Atlanta yesterday in an area that has 7 lanes going the same direction at 70 MPH...

If one was a dozing passenger, that would be a frightening wake-up call!!


Ruth said...

I would love to visit that shop! I have a few of their books which I got when I first started quilting and I just fell in love with those quilts and seeing how they used them to decorate, and of course the doll beds!

Diane said...

Little Quilts is one of my favorite shops of all time. They do manage to pack a whole lot of goodness into their shop and it all looks gorgeous! Glad you made it home safely.

Jan said...

I love Little Quilts too. Unfortunately they are closing. I live south of Atlanta and only get there a few times a year. I am going to miss their store.