Saturday, October 24, 2015

{Post 1.495} Surprise GA Trip

One of my daughters was doing a sign-painting class at her church Tuesday night.  I surprised her by driving over there in time for the class.  On my way down, I stopped at my son's house and picked up the other half of a bunk bed set to give her, which was another surprise.  She was REALLY surprised.  

I only took one picture of the class, and it is on my phone...and it is blurry.  But it was fun to see her in action.

I spent several days with her.  We had a great visit.  I love being with her and my grandchildren.  They are growing up so fast.  I want them to know me, and I want to know them!

Here are a few pics of the little nippers.  The first one was the night I arrived.  Keith is a little excited!  The others are at their house.  Yes, I made them the brown and blue quilt on the bed.  I called it the B & B.

The day I started driving down, I had a dentist appointment at 2 PM.  Made for a late start.  My son, Luke, who lives in Charlotte, asked if I wanted to meet for lunch before my appointment because he had the day off from work.  I said, "Of course!"  While we were looking at our menus, he commented that one of his favorite childhood memories was going to the dentist with Rachel (his sister) and I.  I thought that was strange, but he is a strange person at times (like we all are).  Then when we left the restaurant, he followed me to the dentist.  Then he came into the waiting room.  Then I realized he had made an appointment for the exact same time as me so we can continue the tradition.  We both got good reports!

I went to another daughter's house Thursday night to visit for a while then stay overnight.  We had breakfast together the next AM then I drove home via the Little Quilts quilt shop.  That deserves its own post.  Oh, my!!

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Ruth said...

The little nippers are so cute! What a fun trip! And having lunch and a dental appointment with your son was special too.