Wednesday, October 28, 2015

{Post 1,497} Two New Projects to Share, and a Kid

Here are two projects I am beginning.  I have two Christmas quilts to machine quilt, then I'm home free for my own projects.

This first one is Bonnie Hunter's leader/ender for this year.  These are tumbler/thimble pieces.  Mine will finish 2" tall.  I spent a couple hours one day trimming down scraps for this.  There is not a lot of variety right now because I only trimmed down blues, browns, reds, and blacks.  I plan to remedy that soon...after I machine quilt the above two mentioned items.

This is a larger item.  I hope to make it into a queen-size summer quilt for our guest room downstairs.  The blocks are disappearing 9-patch.  By using the blue fabric for the center square, it will repeat in that position in each block.  The blocks finish at 13" square.

During one of my insomniatic nights, I came across the top for this runner.  It has been languishing marinating since 2011.  It is fairly large.  16" x 46"...for my Christmas table.

I stayed overnight at my daughter's Sunday.  Got to spend some quality time with this little nipper on Monday.  He has my chin (s) !!

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Diane said...

Love disappearing nine patches. I don't think I've ever seen one I didn't like. Good for you for finishing another ufo. And that little guy is a cutie pie!