Saturday, September 13, 2014

{Post 1,418} Borrowed Time

I feel like I'm living on borrowed time now that I'm watching a baby again.  Every minute he is asleep is like gold.  I did not go to the sew-in at the library this morning because it ended up that I was watching Timmy.  Didn't have the energy to pack up my machine, iron, board, supplies, etc., as well as Timmy and all his supplies.  Oh, well.  Duty calls.

I had my Carolina Chain blocks all cut out, so I am squeezing in a few of those when I can.  I am nearly at the end of the stack.  See how it grows.

First 18:

Then there were 30:

Then 45:

Now up to 93:

This will be 40-1/2" wide.  I don't know how long yet, but I'll make it a nicely-shaped rectangle.  I am going to sew until I run out of pre-cut blocks, then I'll add enough to finish that row.

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Ruth said...

Does he take long naps? Some babies do and others just don't. Makes it hard to get anything done, that's for sure. But, they are so sweet, it makes up for it. Love the quilt. Great way to use up scraps.