Wednesday, September 10, 2014

{Post 1,414} Lots of Sewing Today

I machine quilted two tops I have had pieced for some time.  One is a baby quilt for a soon-to-be-born baby, and the other (twin size) I will show after I present it to the new owner.

But I can show you these pictures.

See the dime and the penny in the last picture?  That is to show scale.  I tell ya...these pieces are tiny.  This is a "twister" pattern from Primitive Gatherings.  Eighty-one little 2-1/2" squares to start with, then trimmed down with the special template (the tiny, shiny square in the second picture--it's 1-1/2" square).  Then sewn back together.  

I am supposed to press the seams open before sewing the rows together.  That can wait until tomorrow!  

I had planned to do a couple painting projects tomorrow (my husband and daughter are out of town until Saturday night...DH doesn't like when I paint when he's home...can't stand the fumes), but now I'm watching Timmy most of the day (9 AM to 8:30 PM).  Maybe he will sleep a lot ;)

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Leeanne said...

Cute! I love Kansas trouble fabrics!