Sunday, July 6, 2014

{Post 1,368} Minis are Like Potato Chips

Minis are like potato chips...I can't stop!!  Here is the first block of my next one.  I am going to dig in the shirt stash and knock this one out.  It will be pieced from all shirts.  That yellow matches my room pretty closely.  I'm trying to make each mini a color scheme or seasonal theme or whatever.  So easy to do on a small quilt.  These will be set on point and be 4" finished.  I must be getting used to working with the small pieces because this went together in a flash.

With the yardstick hangers in place, changing them out won't be an issue like it is with other means of displaying.  I hope my clips arrive tomorrow!

Looking forward to spending a couple days with a blogging friend of mine, Sam of Sam Quilts blog.  We have met two other times in person (is that ALL, Sam?).  We get along beautifully and know each other fairly well.  I am already having to tell myself to "calm down already!!" because I'm so excited about seeing her in person.  Like-minded friends will do that to a person ;)

Still no baby.  She has a doctor's appointment in the AM, so we will know more then.


Janet O. said...

*LOL* Tell me about it!
Another thing you may find, these little pieces stop looking so little. They start to seem like the norm, and the full size blocks start to look HUGE!!
I need to do another mini out of shirts. Well, maybe I should just finish the mini bow tie UFO I have from shirts. Hmm, I'd forgotten about that one. : )
Great little churn dash block!
I look forward to seeing your yardstick gallery when you get it put together. You know, I have been purchasing the drapery clips with a coupon at JoAnn and just taking them off the rings and opening up the wire a little with needle nose pliers to make them hook over the yardsticks. Cheaper and available in color options. If you need a visual to get what I mean, let me know.

julieQ said...

Yes, potato chips for sure!! Love your new start!

momtofatdogs said...

Don't get me started on any mini's! I am easily side tracked & I really need to get my Everlasting Wreath Quilt completed before I contemplate any more new projects.

Face-to-face, yep I think we've met twice. Once at my house in Alabama & once at your house. I am excited too!