Monday, June 23, 2014

{Post 1,363} Shower News

Here are a few pictures from the wedding shower I did back in May.  The banner behind the gift table was taken directly from the bride's invitations.  So cute!

The food and drink were not in the containers yet or on the cupcake stand.  I didn't have time to get a picture after they were.


I am baking a giant cupcake and 200 regular-sized cupcakes for a friend's daughter in August for her wedding.  We are using a huge cupcake tower that arrived at my house today.  Check it out if you need one!

Here was my first attempt at decorating the giant cupcake.  It's about 9" tall.  Keep in mind that I didn't mix up enough icing.  I was test driving the pan to see how long to bake the cake.  It will be larger next time.  And the base will be cake batter that was dyed purple and left un-iced to show off the fluted edge of the base.

Fun times ahead!

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Oh yumm, can I come?