Monday, June 23, 2014

{Post 1,362} What's Been Going On Here

The winds of change are a-blowin'.  My son, Ben, moved in with his older brother a week ago yesterday (Father's Day).  A couple days later he came back to finish cleaning out his bedroom.  

I was wondering what we should do with his former room.  My husband suggested (I think...maybe I planted the idea) that I use it for an office space/craft room/supply space/guest room.  Since we moved my sewing stuff into our bedroom, it has been very cramped and does not multi-function with my other "roles" very well.

So, I repaired the nail/screw/hanger holes with spackling and primed the whole room white.  Here it is before any work to change it:

After spackling, sanding, and priming:

I couldn't decide which color to use, but I wanted it to be cheery.  Here is what I decided to use.  I put up a couple decorations today.  More furniture will be in here, but only a bookshelf to hold bins of craft supplies and a cedar chest.  The extra space is something I'm not used to.  It's actually making me kind of nervous.

I like the desk facing the window.  It give me a view of the back yard which I have rarely seen since moving in here.  The quilt to the left is a charm quilt my sister pieced for me in 2001.  I hand-quilted it.  I actually removed the original beige binding last week and replaced it with dark brown fabric.  Here was the before:

I ended up putting it on a different wall, so it could be seen while I'm at my desk and from the hallway as well.  I put a quilt puzzle that has been permanently sealed in the doorway above the light switch.  Some friends gave it to me for Christmas years ago.  I think 2006.  This does not show the true color the paint.  It is not THIS yellow:

I like being able to see that from the hall as well.  

Looking back at the 3 pictures, they all look so different as far as the room color.  It is called "palomino", and it looks just like the color of one if that helps.

In other news, I have been asked to be the baby and wedding shower coordinator for my church.  It is not a big job.  We are divided up into six serving groups to have responsibility for showers, funeral meals, etc.  In my new role, I will coordinate and work with a serving group to host a shower.  I've been gathering items for future showers.  Tablecloths, table decorations, cupcake tree, cupcake liners, sprinkles, confetti, banners, napkins, etc., etc.  These items were added to the mayhem on my pressing area and cutting table along with the home paperwork, school work, etc.  Now they all fit into my "office" closet quite nicely.  

My husband and I teach the 2- and 3-year-olds at our church.  There is a plethora of craft sheets, stickers, story cards, and take-home papers for each week.  I get them a quarter of a year at a time.  Yoy!  The stuff just explodes.  So that is in my office desk now instead of all over the aforementioned space.  

So yes, things are becoming more organized.

I am also expecting a grandson any day.  My daughter's due date is today, but nothing has happened yet (she lives with us).  'Twill be soon though.


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Ruth said...

I thought maybe the baby had already come and that you were very busy with no time to blog. Then! 2 posts in one day! It seems you are playing musical rooms with your sewing stuff. It's good you will have more space. Is Ben living close to home so you will still see him a lot? Will be anxious to hear when the baby does come!