Friday, June 27, 2014

{Post 1,364} First Mini for Office

So I have decided to make a wall of minis for my new office.  I have two very long (11') blank walls to fill.  One will be with mini quilts.  I'm very close to hanging a "clothes line" and pinning them on there until I have enough to fill a wall nicely.

If you have a favorite mini (pattern or picture), please email it to me.  I'd might like to add it to my collection.


Janet O. said...

Like it! : )

Kath said...

How exciting! My mind is whirring with possibilities!
I should LOVE to see them all hanging up. You'll never keep colleagues out of your office once word gets round. I think you could charge an entrance fee for your "exhibition" of mini quilts :-D

Natasha Coy said...

Lovely! Perfect background.