Friday, March 21, 2014

{Post 1,337} Beginning of Sewing Room Space

Here is one of my bookshelves I used to keep many things stored in downstairs.  I am going to take off the bottom curtain and store bolts of fabric in the bottom.  The top will hold my books and individual patterns.  I will be giving away a lot of books and magazines in the future for postage only.  Stay tuned!  

On top of the file cabinet on the left is a small 6-drawer set.  It holds trim, thimbles, notions, sewing machine feet, machine quilting supplies, needles, etc.  All neatly labeled for easy access.

Last night my husband attached my cone and spool holders on the side.  I am going for maximum storage in minimum space.  I'd like to get everything except my quilt frame in my bedroom.  It used to be in a 24' x 18' room, so wish me luck!!  For some reason I find this challenge hilariously impossible.  Baby steps!


Kath said...

what a great idea, I am eyeing up my bookshelves as we speak....

Anonymous said...

This is great. Pinned and texted pic to the hubs. Thanks!