Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Post 1,311} Room Renovations

Mr. C and Mr. T came over to work on the room downstairs today.  My wonderful husband had prepared the room so they could get right to work.  Wes took out the ceiling and all the paneling so they could start from scratch, sort of.  All the materials were delivered yesterday.  They got so much done.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

The fireplace and sliding glass doors.  The fireplace will be partially drywalled in so there will just be a rim of brick around the opening (about 10" all around).  The doors are going to be replaced with a single, solid exterior door.

This shows where a closet has been framed in inside the room, next to the window.

This shows a view from Rachel's room back towards the steps.  This is a closet for Elisabeth to store not-being-used stuff.  Her doorway into the room is right across from the middle of the closet.

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Kath said...

how exciting! I have spent my whole married life in the midst of renovations and I still love it.
You must be very pleased at how it's all turning out.