Friday, January 24, 2014

{Post 1,310} Baby William's Quilt

The next row added will be exactly halfway finished with the quilt center.  There will be a 1" finished and then 3" finished border beyond the center.

The HSTs measure 4" square finished.

You can find the original pattern here:

I added rows to it.  I also did not use a charm pack, so there was a lot more cutting involved, which was fine.  With a 1" inner and 3" outer border, the quilt should measure about 40" square when finished.

Here is a before and after of my kitchen from this AM.  My Susie has taught me the benefit of before and after pictures.  The after got even better.  The drainboard is full in the picture.  Only so much fits in the dishwasher, you know!

Yea--Good Morning!  I am blessed to have the health and initiative to clean it though!

Ingredients for key lime pie on island!!  Mmm-mmm.

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Michelle said...

That baby quilt is adorable! Love it! and love your kitchen too...such a good feeling when things are all neat and tidy. :)