Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Post 1,305} Making MORE Progress

This moving things around is such a big project.  I'm afraid I'm very close to losing momentum.  But there's always much to do here.

The sewing corner is set up in my bedroom.  Wes actually walked in after the sewing machine was set up and my cutting table was in here and said (and I quote):  "It's not that bad."  Of course, there are no projects under way yet.

The view at the other end of the room.  Again--not bad.

Downstairs is nearly cleared out.  After this picture, both of those bookshelves (the "fabric one" and the "green curtained one") were moved to the garage.

The design walls are heading out to the garage too.

We will definitely be finished with all this moving stuff around this weekend.

I just found out tonight that my parents will be here tomorrow, and we were already having two other couples over for supper.  My husband will be gone all day (which is quite rare), so we'll see what happens tomorrow.  

My daughter and I kind of mapped out where everything in the new bedroom will be placed, so things are under way!

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