Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{Post 1,260} Few Fall Decorations

I really like seeing the way people decorate their houses.  This AM I went to weigh-in at the doc's (a once a week thing).  To my complete astonishment (this is my first week), I.  LOST.  SIX.  POUNDS!!!!!  Hallelujah.  I don't know WHY it happened, but I saw that it did.  I was so overjoyed that I burst into tears, right there on the scale.  I have been tracking calories for one week.  I am supposed to keep it under 1,200, which seems low.  In actuality, I'm eating an average of 900 per day.  I am eating well, but I've never been a big eater.

Up until now I have resisted buying mums for my front stoop.  Maybe the victory weakened me, but better mums than a donut, right?  Here are two mums I got this AM plus a piece of burlap for a "tablecloth" (I had to cover the hole in the table with a cutting board, and the burlap covered the board), plus a few things pulled from my house (the 2 fake pumpkins and leaf garland).

Well, come on in.  Just ahead is a table in our foyer.

Looking past the steps going downstairs (and the pumpkin quilt on the half wall), you are looking into the living room.

I change things up a little bit every year, adding a new this or that.  Rachel is just glad the sticks are off the mantle!  They will go back up for Christmas!  You can see them here (for Independence Day) and here (for Christmas) and here for spring.  Got my money's worth out of those $3 sparkly sticks.

I spray painted the star.  It was natural grapevine.  Since my brick wall and mantle are so dark, I try to lighten up the decorations so they show up well.

The vase on the left side is also new.  The vase was $3 at Wal-mart, and I got the flower "bush" for $2.50.  I find that buying a pre-assembled "bush" beats the cost and usually the look of selecting my own stems.  I like it!  I have found that having tall items on there is a good thing.  I filled the base with "gum balls".  Those are the things that cause great pain when you step on them outside.  They are from sweet gum trees.  Never ever think about trouncing around outside w/o shoes on.  It seriously hurts to step on one of the spiny dry "gum balls".  They are about as big as a ping pong ball and look lovely hiding a bare stem in a tall vase. ;)


Kath said...

well done Joan,on your weight loss. I have been eating plant based and the weight has fallen off me.
I love your decorating, I am planning a door garland and bought some silk maple leaves. I should be interested to know if you have made one and what you used for a foundation.
I love your interior and particularly the little quilt in your foyer!

Leeanne said...

Wow you are doing well!
Your house is looking very welcoming.

Michelle said...

Everything looks beautiful! I love fall. :) I should take pics of my've inspired me. :)

Elaine Adair said...

We've often been told to stop weighing ourselves when trying to deop a few lbs.

Your front door, house and deco. look lovely - just full of warmth and fall feeling!

slrquilts said...

Love the little quilt over the blue table in the foyer. Is it an old pattern or original?