Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{Post 1,259} Long Time No Post

I have been busy with this, that, and the other.

Sewing-wise, I've been making Christmas ornaments to sell on Etsy.  So far no bites, but hey--they're there!  Clothespin snowmen and selvage trees.  Check them out here.

I've also sewn several tote bag/zip pouch combos.  I would like to sell some of those at a local Christian college.  Time will tell on that.

Rachel and I went to a quilt show last week.  Here's a few of the ones we liked:


Janet O. said...

Those last two are stunning!

Ruth said...

I love the green and white one! What did you use for the snowmen's noses? Tooth pick? They are so cute! So are the tree ornaments. I just finished my VA bound quilt last night & will post it soon.