Saturday, August 24, 2013

{Post 1,242} End of Birthday Day

The rest of my birthday was splendid.  Several of my children went together and got me an hour-long massage to be scheduled later.  Mmmmmmmmm.....  Thanks so much Emily & Steve, Ben, Rachel, and Isaac.

Then I went to the studio to await the surprise.  I put a movie on loudly so I wouldn't be tempted to listen for clues.

When I was finally brought up, I was sooooo surprised.  Wes had invited over a great friend, Molly Swaffer, and her family.  She has 4 young children (7 down to 1), and I can hardly believe I didn't hear any noise from downstairs!  Amazing!!

Wes and the kids made one of my all-time favorite meals, shrimp fettucini alfredo.  Ben made Red Lobster biscuits.  They were as good as the originals!!  Molly brought a fruit pizza.  What a tremendous meal.

They wouldn't let me help clean up supper dishes (oh, well!), so I taught Andrew (7) how to play Five Crowns.  He picked up on it really well.  A little bit later six of us played a game.  

Then I played Settlers of Catan for the first time.  There was a lot to take in, but I didn't do too shabbily.  Came in second with 8 victory points.  I learned a lot about it while playing and fully expect to win next time (here's to high hopes!).  

All in all a very special day thanks to my precious family.


Leslie said...

For my last birthday in May, I requested dinner at home prepared by anyone but me and game night with the DGDs. It was the best Bday ever. Your Bday was absolutely perfect. How are they going to top that one next year?

Janet O. said...

You were Queen For A Day!!

regan said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun day you had!!! And what a surprise!

Ruth said...

How fun! Much better than going to a restaurant to eat!!