Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Post 1,239} Two Zip Bags Made

A few days ago I stopped in a local quilt shop to pass some time.  That was the day of the airport mix-up.  I bought an Atkinson Designs pattern while I was in there.  If you've never used her patterns, they are fantastic!  The directions are so well laid out!

I made one from the floral fabric first.  I wanted to enlarge the height of the bag (so I didn't cut off the kitty) and wanted to test drive it on this fabric before I made one for my daughter from the cat print.  She recently got a black kitten (I am terribly allergic to cats and will miss my daughter!).  I wanted to show my support but not visit!!  The fact that she's 900 miles away is also a factor ;)

The cat bag is 8" x 6", the floral is 8" x 5".

Then I went down and made this little pocket zip.  There is a pocket on both sides on the outside.  This would be a perfect wallet.  Bills folded in half fit inside nicely as well as room for change.

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Teresa said...

I like this idea and I am sure your daughter will too. How sad that she lives so far away. I am blessed to have all my children close at hand.